The meaning of the word Doula is “Woman who serves”.

Your Doula provides a continuous source of comfort, encouragement and support during labor. This support is both mental and physical. Your Doula does not replace a midwife or an obstetrician as she does not have medical training. She serves as a soothing voice of calm and a constant companion to the woman in labour. Your Doula will help with relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, offer advice on labor positions and alternative pain relieving techniques. Your Doula may also act as a mediator who is there to support you in your birth choices and translate medical terms or explain procedures. 

Before your due date, your Doula will educate you about the process of labor and delivery, with the goal of making it less scary and more comfortable so you’re empowered to take a more active role in your birth. Your Doula can offer a treasure trove of non-medical pain-management techniques including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, music and mantras; she will try different combinations to find the right solution for you.

After the birth your Doula will assist you with skin-to-skin, breastfeeding and postpartum support. She will be there to help guide you through the intense first weeks with the new baby and will be a great source of information and support for you in transitioning to parenting your new bundle of joy.

One thing a Doula does NOT do is sideline your partner or replace them. A good Doula will never push a co-parent aside, and will simply enhance your partner’s support — and even help him or her relax, which in turn will help you relax. She will lend advice and support to your partner so that you BOTH can have the best birth experience possible.

doula services
What do I offer?

Like everything in life there is no one size fits all. These are some of the services that I offer in terms of Birth and Postpartum support, but please contact me if there is anything specific you need that is not listed.

Labour support both mental and physical. Pain management techniques such as massage, aroma therapy, heat and cold therapy, acupressure, counter pressure, re-bozo and mindfulness meditation (affirmation).

Partner support and encouragement as well as assistance.

Post birth assistance with skin-to-skin and initiating breastfeeding.

Prenatal education to prepare for the birth. Preparing a birth plan and discussing birth options as well as benefits and risks.

Emotional preparation and previous birth trauma support. Providing a safe space to discuss concerns and fears surrounding birth and postpartum.

Physical preparation for birth as well as pain and anxiety management techniques such as massage, aromatherapy, guided meditation etc.

Providing emotional support and encouragement in the transition period after birth and providing a safe space to ask questions, debrief regarding the birth and express concerns.

Providing physical support as the family recovers and grows more comfortable with their new roles. Including providing opportunities for rest, personal care, and healing. Demonstrating newborn care, assisting with breastfeeding etc.

Yes Doulas can still assist during a c-section birth.

Prenatal education on c-section procedures and what to expect. Preparing your c-section plan and options to discuss with your OB-Gyn.

Education on Gentle cesarean, skin-to-skin after c-section, vaginal seeding and more.

Emotional support during the c-section for both Mom and partner.