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Why would you choose to have a birth photographer present at the birth of your baby?

Birth photography is a relatively new concept in South Africa and is taking of quite rapidly the past few years. The birth of a new baby is an incredible, life changing day in your life. Having this day documented is something that appeals to a lot of new parents. As your Doula I always strive to take some photographs of the birth for you to hold on to and remember the day by, but if you want that 80 or 100 photograph gallery documenting every moment of the special day from start to finish, you will do well to hire a professional birth photographer to do that job.

I am a SABPA registered birth photographer and I can help capture this special day for you, please go and see some of my photography work on my website

Should you require both a Doula and a birth photographer at the birth, I have partnered up with some amazing Doulas and photographers and I can offer discounted combination packages to suit your needs.

Alternatively, please visit the SABPA website for amazing birth photographers in your area.

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What do I offer?

Birth photography packages.

If I am your birth support I always bring my camera with me to the birth. I will snap some photographs of the labour and birth, when I am not busy attending to you in labour or have a spare second available.

I also take photographs of you and your partner meeting your baby and those special first moments after the birth.

I will photograph family and siblings meeting baby on request if they are present at the birth.

There is no set amount of photographs as this is a courtesy and dependent on the birth circumstances. If the photography is very important to you, please talk to me about combination options for a doula and photographer to be at your birth.

When you hire me to photograph your birth, I will focus on capturing all the important details pertaining to the birth of your baby. As a birth photographer, my scope of practice does not include physical or emotional support as my focus is on documenting your special day.

I will arrive during active labour and stay with you throughout the birth and for an hour or two after the birth.

There is usually a set amount of photographs included in the package that you choose and my focus will be on getting the best images for you to remember this day by.

Should you wish to have a photographer and a doula at your birth, I have partners in both fields who will work alongside me to make sure you have the best support and all the photographs you would like of the day.

The combination packages are subject to the availability of the doula or photographer for the birth, so it is best to book well in advance to ensure we can accommodate you.

I also offer fresh 48 photography sessions, within the first 2 days of baby’s birth as well as in-home lifestyle newborn sessions. So if you choose not to have a photographer at the birth, this is a great option to get some photographs after the birth.