The origin of the word grief comes from the Latin word meaning “to weigh down”.

When the unthinkable happens, this weight can be unbearable. It is the subject no one wants to talk about. Mentioning it in conversation is a taboo in our society, yet pregnancy and infant loss is a 1 in 4 statistic!

When parents lose a pregnancy or an infant, they grieve not only for the loss of that baby, but also for the hopes and dreams that they had for that child.

As a bereavement facilitator I am qualified to provide families with options and support in situations of chemical pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, stillbirth, fatal diagnosis, post-abortive support, carrying to term, infant loss and NICU care.

With the help of a certified Bereavement Facilitator, a family does not have to navigate their loss journey alone. I aim to offer families compassionate and continual support throughout their loss journey, no matter where it begins.

If you or someone you know are in need of support for pregnancy or infant loss, or you need any information regarding what a bereavement facilitator does please call me on 083 235 9015 or email

Bereavement support
What is a bereavement facilitator?

“Facilitator” originates from the Greek word that means “woman who serves” 

A bereavement facilitator serves by providing emotional, physical and informational support to a family through the loss of their baby, prior to, during and after birth at any gestation.

Providing emotional support and counseling to help guide the family and help them come to terms with the loss of their baby.

Information and guidance on what to expect and what their rights and options are for the birth and saying goodbye to their baby. 

As a trained birth doula, I support families during the birth process both physically and emotionally. Providing natural pain relieving techniques, holding space for the birth and helping to minimize trauma during this life changing time.

A bereavement facilitator will guide a family through meeting their baby after the birth. How this is facilitated will depend on the gestation and the condition of the baby, but we will guide the parents through this and hold space for the family to say goodbye to their baby.

A bereavement facilitator will also provide the parents with information pertaining to their options when it comes to funerals, cremations or memorial services for their baby and will provide contact details for services the family may need such as funeral homes or support groups.

We also provide post birth counseling and support and will refer families to counselors or psychologists if we feel they require additional support.

Creating memories and keepsakes for the family is extremely important as they may not have anything to remember their little one by.

Bereavement facilitators take the upmost care to provide families with keepsakes to remember their baby by. What will be done to achieve this will depend on the gestation and condition of the baby, but some forms of memory making include photography, hand and footprints, hair clippings etc. 

We always aim to give something to the parents that they can hold on to, even if it is just a poem to remember how they felt on the day they met their baby.